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Advanced .NET Debugging

Imagine this. You spend months iterating, designing, and building the next revolutionary enterprise application. You roll out your solution to a production environment that is locked down in a secure IT environment, deployed to a cloud server, or rolled out onto customer servers. Then in the height of your celebration, the calls and support tickets start rolling in. Your application is crashing. There are memory leaks. The CPU is spiking. You sit on the phone for hours trying to guide the user through some alternatives to get them back and running, but the problems continue to persist. This would be so much easier if you could just launch Visual Studio to reproduce the problem, but you can't. So what do you do? In this presentation, we'll take an advanced look at debugging production issues in .NET applications. Using real world scenarios and tools, you will learn how you can monitor production systems, capture data and memory dumps, and explore the memory dumps using WinDbg and other tools to find problems. We will use demos of real-life badly behaving programs and walk through the problem resolution process so that you can see how these techniques worked in real support cases.



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Michael Collins


9:45 AM - 10:45 AM
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